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WSOP 2008

Poker is an intensely followed game around the world and its pinnacle is supposedly the World Series of Poker. The event neatly encapsulates all that is magical in the indoor sports. WSOP has had its own share of awe-inspiring features. Since its inception, it has been both the rising battleground of champions and graveyard of many a big shots- giving way to new stars. Also, it has been amazing the way the sport has brought a few of the prodigies ahead. Well! The sport does throw quite a few punches and nowhere is it better manifest than World Series of Poker.

In 2007, at Las Vegas, Nevada, it threw some great events. It showed the might of Phil Hellmuth and it also brought alive the magic of Tom Schneider. Lack of participation in the main event owing to the bar on participation of internet gambling sites was the main party-pooper then.

WSOP 2008 has been quite a refreshing adventure just as well. Participation has been the maximum for the main event except for the year 2006. In fact, suspension of the main event in 2008 was also one-of-its-kind event, never precedented in the history of WSOP. That it was resumed later is another story, we will talk about in some time.

Held at Rio All Suite Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, the show retained the promise that Vegas made in 2007. Food, wine and an acute sense of revelry surrounded the place. Yes, there was magical amount of poker thrown in for a good cause.

The Main Event which witnessed a poor participation in 2007 saw a bright turnaround in the numbers of players playing. Yet, because the event can't keep away from its share of controversy, the event was wrapped up and suspended at the time nine players were left on the table. The event recommenced in November, ended with a heads-on final between Peter Eastgate and Ian Demidov. ESPN's beseeching for the rights to broadcast the final was the reason for delaying the final show down of the main event.

The first name is quite a prodigy and won the main event at record age. At 22, he surpassed the magician Phil Hellmuth who won the glory at 24. Incidentally, this again, much like 2007, was a good year for Hellmuth who procured 41st career final table by the end of the event. Coming in the wake of 63 cashes and 11 bracelets in 2007, he certainly ensures that his magic running since last two decades is not going to fade anytime soon.

Erick Lindgren was given the Player of the Year Award which was bagged by Tom Schneider in the previous year. As a trivia it shall be known that the table which held the final between Eastgate and Demidov will be auctioned. WSOP is aligning with XP events to ensure a velvet auction.

Here is wishing that the WSOP magic keeps feeding us the suspension of disbeliefs of our times. The game shall prevail.

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