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WSOP 2007

World Series of Poker 2007 was a blast. Though it attracted roughly 2.5 thousand players less than the previous year for the main event (No Limit Hold'em), in many ways it brought the charm and effervescent mystique of the game alive. Held at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino at Las Vegas, Nevada, the show has metamorphosed brilliantly since being taken over by Harrah's Entertainment. There is just too much of revelry, good, wine and of course poker involved to miss the heat and warmth.

Who can forget the black robe, hat and sunglasses of the rather unassuming yet brilliant Chris Fergusson? Who can miss out on Nichole cruising away on those extra burgers or Kyle ray at 21, dishing out shocks to older pro as an effective also-ran tale?

Texas Hold'em running nearly a fortnight and commencing on 6th July held a conspicuous stage and other games beautifully revolved around it. People were ready to indulge with twice the moolah required for buy-in and it pretty much shaped out the same way for thirteen events the show engaged in. In fact it was great to hear that there has been an enhancement in the blind structure. This effectively meant that those players who played on impulse stood greater yet rewarding risks.

2007 World Series of Poker championship bracelet is a magic stuff that completely encapsulates the brilliance of the show. For the uninitiated, this year there were two extra H.O.R.S.E events with relatively nominal buy-ins of $2,500 and $5,000 USD. This is obviously apart from the 2006 craze, $50,000 USD H.O.R.S.E event.

Copag was substituted by KEM as the brand of plastic playing cards employed for the mega-event. Andrew Prock (the wily author), Terence Chan and Matt Hawrilenko showed enough promise. Ferguson was again at the top of his game, it's amazing how the man has the physical reserve to last long hours at the table.

Maria Ho, culminating the show at 38th place was the best women performer while Tom Schneider, the German mean machine lapped up the best player of the year laurel. Phil Hellmuth, a master in his own rights got the double distinction of garnering maximum cashes as well as bracelets; the numbers stood at 63 and 11 respectively.

Main event saw a reduction of players owing to the recent law which barred internet gambling. In the previous years, this kind of gambling was the main reason why there were voluminous contribution in terms of revenue and also knee-deep participation. No limit holdem suffered as internet regulated gambling sites did not get main event poker seats. Well, here is hoping that this impasse gets sorted out quickly.

No big event can shy away from its share of controversy. WSOP 2007 got the chip controversy going. Different denomination chips were camouflaged as the colors were virtually same and hence differentiating the stacks became difficult.

In a fitting tribute to the rising prodigies, the European leg of WSOP was won by 19 year old Annette Obrestad.

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