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Tom McEvoy

Known as one of the true gentleman of the poker circuit, Tom McEvoy has been earning his living at the game since the late seventies. It is an interesting fact that before Tom began to display his skills around the green baize; he studied and worked in the accountancy profession. His knowledge and grasp of figures and statistics as well as human nature has stood him in good stead ever since, and he has been a regular prize winner ever since. There is no doubt that the high spot of his professional poker career for Tom was when he won the 1983 World Series of Poker, a moment that Tom will gladly confess to being one of the happiest of his life, and up there with the births of his three children. Since that great day Tom has never given up on his dream of winning the title again some day, and as he is still a relatively young man, no one can dismiss that fact as being unlikely.

Tom, who hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1944, still actively competes in leading tournaments. To prove that his skills and experience remain undaunted, Tom took home the prize at the Professional Poker Tour Event in the spring of last year, and regularly appears at the final stages in major poker events and rarely leaves empty-handed. Tom McEvoy can boast total live poker tournament winnings exceed $2,500,000 up to the end of 2006, a worthwhile haul by anyone's standards, and especially so when you consider the intense competition that exists today due to the vast influx of players into the game through the internet.

McEvoy has proved himself to be a resilient professional, well capable of holding his own against the younger and brasher new professionals. In fact his culture and good manners at the poker table has been known to put his opponents off as he is hard to read and even harder to phase out.

Tom McEvoy's mark on the game of poker may well be the fact that he helped to change, in many ways, the way the game is played. Through his determination and people skills, Tom was directly responsible for the gradual phasing out of smoking at the table in large tournaments. What was once considered to be one of the more glamorous aspects of a live event, a smoke filled room, has gradually disappeared from the scene. Not a bad idea, when you consider that some of the more recent Texas hold'em tournaments have more than 6,000 contestants taking part and a crowd twice that size.

Known as one of the game's deep thinkers, Tom McEvoy has written many books on the strategies and skills required to win consistently at Texas hold'em poker, some on his own and others in collaboration with other modern day poker legends, such as T.J. Cloutier, Max Stern and Linda Johnson among others.

Tom McEvoy can be described as one of the legends of an era in Texas hold'em poker who brought a certain respectability to the game, and helped it to escape from the slightly notorious image the game had garnered form some of the pistol toting characters who had helped to make the game famous in the forties and fifties.

Hopefully Tom McEvoy will be around the poker circuit for as long as some of these characters, and who knows, maybe one day he will achieve his dream of winning another World Series of Poker. Not many deserve it better.

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