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Peter Eastgate

The 22 year-old child prodigy has hit it big. Aspiring to become one of the finest players of the game, Peter Eastgate had broken the record of winning the Main event of World Series of Poker at the youngest age, only to have it broken the following year by 21 year-old 2009 champ Joe Cada. The record was earlier held by poker behemoth Phil Hellmuth.

A major drama that unfolded after the suspension of main event, the final showdown was resumed later in November where Peter Eastgate defeated Ian Demedov, another pro with a beautiful game, and filled the Rio suite with frenzy unmatched in the game. In his victory, the humble Eastgate outshone the magic of Phil Hellmuth who keeps on growing in terms of laurels and style.

Fondly called Isser and belonging to the Odense province of Denmark, he showed plenty of cold-grit reminiscent of the Scandinavian country. He has been doing well as a Danish poker professional and excels in the short version games like the hands-up and the short-handed ones.

He bets in the realm of 200 to 400 USD and is a player to reckon with in the online regulated gambling adventure. In fact, he has been the man whom the sponsoring giants have looked and prayed for, little was it known prior to the WSOP 2008 that he has it in him to make the most of live playing opportunities as well.

His is a life meshed in rough decisions as well. While still an upstart, he had to let go his economics degree for the love of the game. Eastgate traveled to the game via the Ladbrokes website as a part of team Ladbrokes gang. He wasn't given much of a chance and no one thought he was anywhere close to the Danish master Gus Hansen.

Yet he has shown an unassuming streak but a cleverly defiant game all along. In fact, not expecting anything from him was not odd as he has only one money finish in the year 2008 and that too a modest 38th place at the EPT Scandinavian Open.

Eastgate had to maneuver through a gigantic field this time as he sped past Tiffany Michelle (the reporter) and also Brandon Cantu. (The who's who of the game). This way, he reached the finals where he spun a web around Demedov. The match was worth going miles to see and ESPN reserved all the rights for the match. In fact, XP events along with WSOP are auctioning the table that held the showdown between Eastgate and Demedov.

Eastgate has a challenging, no-holds-barred style of game. This means that he can go overboard at times. But then, that is the flamboyance of youth. He tries to win on the opponent's weaknesses and psyches him out. He also looks to play the way table dynamics asks him to.

Though the guy has a long way to go in the live poker ambience despite his results in the WSOP 2008, it seems from his style of play that the championship was not a flash in the pan and there are more laurels to follow in the coming years.

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