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Brad Daugherty

Brad Daugherty can be described as one of the poker players who, whilst not exactly a pioneer, represents the generation who came through the ranks and earned his bones in the live tournament circuit of the late nineteen seventies till the mid nineties. Looking more like the typical bank manager than a professional poker player, Brad Daugherty is a classic percentages player who is famed for his ability to read his opposition, and has an uncanny gift for weeding out the perennial bluffers.

Daugherty set out on his career as a semi-professional poker player at the ripe old age of eighteen more by accident than design. As a young man he spent his days working in construction, however as his skills and experienced developed the lure of becoming a full time professional became more and more attractive. He set up camp in Reno, Nevada to be near the action, and honed his skills even further. Although he never won his first tournament till 1987, you can say that Brad Dougherty's principal claim to fame was to become the winner of the World Series of Poker's first $1,000,000 prize in 1991.

To the casual observer, Brad Dougherty's place in the World poker's annals of fame could be regarded as a one hit wonder. The World Series of Poker in 1991 was the only major prize that Brad Dougherty ever took home, and represents more than 70% of his total career earnings to date.

However the story of Brad's play during the championship is one that legends are made of. In his own inimitable style, he ground his way to the final table, and was on a weak position against Don Holt who held the vast majority of chips. Smelling the blood of victory, Holt tried to bulldozer Brad by calling and raising, and pushing the stakes up all the way to the river card. Showing remarkable nerve, Brad called his bluff, and won the massive pot and the championship even though he was holding just a pair of jacks.

His unassuming manner and thinking style of play has earned him many admirers in the poker world. Brad's experience and strategy knowledge is highly sought after by novice and veteran Texas hold'em poker players alike. He has published two books on the game of poker, written in collaboration with his good friend and fellow poker professional, Tom McEvoy. The books, entitled Championship Satellite Strategy and No-Limit Texas Hold'em for New Players have become must reads for any Texas hold'em player who wants to understand what goes on behind the surface in game play, and the long term strategies that these players developed over their the years they spent on the circuit.

When questioned on his thoughts on the current high paced, internet driven poker scene, Brad finds it hard to disguise his nostalgia for days gone by, and his respect and admiration for the pioneers of modern Texas hold'em poker. He mentions with special fondness Dallas crew members Doyle Brunson and the late Johnny Moss. Those days, Brad only takes part in live tournaments in and around Nevada, as well as playing online.

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