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Poker Strategies in Online Tournaments

Poker is a game that has got a lot of fanfare. World Series of Poker is a living testimony to the craze that�s built up over the game. The success and subsequent iconic status of people like Jon Chan, Phil Hellmuth, and others just go on to show that the game is loved and revered by many. Few of the live poker live wires like Peter Eastgate are also virtual turf magicians playing their best games in online tournaments.

In fact, online tournaments are also a niche worth studying. Ever since the game has been brought alive online after the expansion of internet and regulated gambling in the virtual arena, a lot of players are playing over the medium. This gives the game a broad spectrum of virtual and real to play with.

Poker is a game which mixes talent with psychology. Though probability and psychology and knowledge of both, rule the game yet it is also a game decided by chance. As Phil Hellmuth puts it- sometimes players make huge strategic blunders but are saved by their cards.

Apart from the forced bets at the start, players volunteer to play the card they play and hence there is nothing forceful about the game. Yes, while playing poker you must have your strategies in place. This is also very true for the online tournaments. Let�s look into a few of the strategies that shall be employed online for better results.

You must know when to complete in a small blind?

These are times when you have a half bet going. Yes, you have a convincing position. Being out of position with half bets is like a territory that can bring rewards as well as spitfire. In fact, despite the favoring odds, calling the game with a very broad range and a small blind can also cause serious loopholes which opposition can feed upon. What will luring odds do with high chances of running marginal hands? After all, a blind is a blind. Think well about the multi-way pots. This is a poker strategy you must implement. You know that you are bent on achieving ports, straights and flushes. Do not deviate.

Shift gears

You can never win if there is no money in the pot and you can�t bring money there without being aggressive, the idea is to frequently keep changing you profile. You have got a psychological battle at hand too. Each player is trying to outsmart other, calling bluff and trying to read the face of other. The idea is to know what may constitute the psychological build-up of an opponent. Knowing this, you have to change guard from soft aggression to hard aggression; aggression must stay, passivity will never bring pools.

Managing chip stacks

At pre-ordained levels, increasing blinds start to make a great percentage of your chip stack. This means that if you do not manage you chip stack well, you will lose them all to the blinds. While in a ring, you have the option of re-buying. In an online tournament, you will need to keep them for staying in the hunt. You lose just as they are exhausted. Sorry, no re-buying here.

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